The 4 Most Common Nosework Methods

I have been fortunate to do over 75 Nosework seminars in over 20 states since 2010. For a long time the only other method I would see dogs trained in as I traveled was the K9 Nose Work® way done by CNWI™s.
In more recent times I now come across dogs trained with Dave Kroyer’s system as well as people who have taken Fenzi Online Nosework Classes. That’s about it though, I’d would say that 99% of the dogs I come across that are currently participating in some form of Nosework trained using one of these 4 methods:


1) K9 Nose Work® CNWI™
2) Dave Kroyer’s DVD’s
3) Fenzi Online Courses
or my method,
4) The RAMSEY NOSEWORK Method (The F3 Detection System)

I did not post the below to answer the questions and I can only speak for myself and the method that I personally created.  I will say that there are many similarities and many differences.
Are you aware of them?

  • Do you know which believe in training a specific behavior as a Final Response?
  • Do you know which put an emphasis on Searching first?
  • Do you know which put an emphasis on Odor Recognition first?
  • Do you know which put an emphasis on the Final Response first?
  • Do you know which emphasize a position in Final Response?
  • Do you know which pair Target Odors with any type of Rewards during any time of the training process?
  • Do you know which have evolved as a result of trial and error and which have stayed as they are?
  • Do you know which use a combined Cocktail of Odors while imprinting the Target Odors?
  • Do you know which train an “All Clear” Response?
  • Do you know which incorporate Errorless Learning?
  • Do you know which introduce cardboard boxes on the ground first?
  • Do you know which introduce cardboard boxes on the ground as one of the last things the dog is permitted to search?
  • Do you know which have not been permitted to use Clickers in their classes?
  • Do you know which incorporate Marker Training?
  • Do you know which are stated as systems for teaching dogs to locate Essential Oils and which are systems to teach dogs to locate any Target Odor?
  • Do you know which feel that there is a difference in the learning process between recreational pet dogs doing Nosework and working dogs doing Detection, and which do not?

These are just a few questions that would show some of the differences in the 4 approaches. My background with Military Working Dogs and Explosive Detection has been extremely helpful in many ways but it still took me a fair amount of time, 1000’s of dogs and much trial and error to refine The Ramsey Nosework F3 System.
When I first began teaching recreational Nosework to people’s pets, I felt that there were many motivational techniques and aspects of modern dog training science that were being left out.  I believed the dogs were capable of much more.
Of course I am biased in my opinion, but I don’t necessarily feel that my system is better than other systems as much as my system is the system that feels that dogs are better than people have given them credit for.
We are just beginning to fully utilize the nose of man’s best friend and while certain breeds have traditionally excelled in actual detection searches, all of our furry friends have noses. It has been my experience that if motivated properly they all are capable of  being trained to locate specific target odors incredibly well.
I love hearing people say what a difference Nosework has made with their pet’s confidence or handlers saying how well their K-9 is performing in Detection.  I can say with full certainty that doing everything I can to be part of the evolutionary process of Nosework/Detection has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.