Drop-In Classes

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For those of you who have already been through one of Andrew’s Beginning Nosework Classes or Private Lessons and are ready to progress, these Drop-In Classes are for you.  Andrew offers Drop-In Training Sessions at both the Training Lab at his building and at Field Trip locations around the Bay Area.


These Drop-In’s at Andrew’s Building accomplish numerous training objectives.  You can tighten-up your dog’s response, add additional Target Odors, build drive to search that may have been diminished or just give your dog a refresher if you been away from Nosework for a while. These sessions are run in the Training Lab with Andrew’s Method. You must have been through a Group Class or have done Private Lessons with Andrew to participate in these Drop-In Training Lab Sessions.
Price $50


Field Trip Drop-In Training Sessions are appropriate for dogs that are no longer working in the Training Lab, have a clearly defined Response and are ready to perform searches in varied environments.  For these sessions Andrew takes Field Trips to different locations and sets out several hides in the area.  Dogs are run on a first-come, first-served basis.  Andrew provides hides at incremental skill levels to provide adequate challenge for each dog.  Andrew can evaluate where handler’s and their dogs are in training extremely well with these scenarios and provide invaluable feedback.
Unlike the Training Lab Drop-In sessions, Andrew also provides this service to to dogs and handlers that have not trained with him prior.
Price $35 for the first run, $15 for a second