k9 nose work dvd clicker


This is the DVD people have been waiting for.  Andrew has incorporated all of the RAMSEY NOSEWORK training methods into one DVD for the outstanding day-to-day Nosework enthusiast.
This training DVD was specifically created for pet dogs everywhere that are interested in Nosework.  If you have a dog, of any variety, this video will show you how to train it for canine scent work activities.  Whether it be a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, this video will cover the Ramsey Nosework process for getting your hound to fall in love with Odor.
While Andrew’s other Nosework training DVDs are outstanding for dogs with higher than average levels of motivation for a toy as a reward, this video focuses on the dogs that Nosework Instructors are more likely to encounter in their Nosework Classes, the average household pet.
This DVD will explain and display how Andrew has taken his years of experience working thousands of dogs in Nosework to simplify a training path that anyone can follow.
You will be surprised with what you will be able to accomplish with scent detection dogs after watching this video, and especially in how little time.
The 2nd portion of the video will address almost all of the typical concerns that Andrew is used to addressing at his seminars abroad.

We apologize for the delay.
This DVD will be completed with the most advanced version of Andrew’s system.