K9 Nose Work Group Classes

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If you are in the Bay Area, you can take advantage of one of Andrew’s Beginning Nosework Classes.  These classes are the cornerstone for a solid scent sport foundation and will ensure a positive initial experience to Nosework.
In this class we will:

  • Discover your dog’s ideal reward
  • Build drive and motivation for your dog’s reward through interactive play
  • Introduce your dog to searching the Training Lab
  • Increase the duration that your dog will search in a way that produces efficient, methodical searching behavior
  • Shape a Focused Final Response at Odor Source.

Like all areas of dog training, Andrew believes in following a training process of logical order from the beginning that builds on itself in such a way that decreases the probability of issues developing in the future.  Starting your dog correctly ensures a smooth training process.

Andrew welcomes dogs of all types and varieties in his classes and particularly enjoys working dogs in Nosework that might not excel in any other dog venues.

Price $225 for 6 Week Class