k9 nose work dvd 2


This is the second training DVD that has been produced covering the RAMSEY NOSEWORK training methods.  The first is THE FOUNDATION OF NOSEWORK which explains how to get started in Nosework.  This training video details how the RAMSEY NOSEWORK method will teach a Nosework dog Obedience to Odor and a Focused Response as their indication.  These are very important skills that every Nosework dog should know.  This DVD is laid out to show the training steps for how to create the Obedient to Odor Nosework dog that has no doubt in it’s mind that the Focused Response at Odor Source is the only behavior that will produce it’s desired reward.

A few subjects in the video:

  • How teaching a dog to resist leash pressure and remain at Odor Source is a critical part of developing a Focused Response in the RAMSEY NOSEWORK System
  • How to work dogs that have been taught to yield to the slightest leash pressure
  • How Reward Orientation and Correct Timing of Reward Delivery builds the Focused Response
  • How to introduce the Sit as a Final Response if you desire to do so.
  • Correct footwork and leash handling during a search
  • The difference in handling between lower drive, slower dogs and higher drive, faster dogs
  • Effective ways of handling highly motivated, quick searching dogs
  • Drive building techniques for lower motivation dogs
  • Why choosing the right reward for each dog is fundamental to a good Nosework dog and how the handler’s job is to figure out what reward to use in that day’s training session
  • How to evaluate a “False Response” along with what a handler needs to do to eliminate an “Aggressive Response” (scratching)