HD border collie

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Andrew Ramsey and the RAMSEY NOSEWORK Method are highly sought after for delivering simplified, methodical explanations on the subject matter of building drive and motivation for searching activities in all varieties of dogs, especially those who are labeled as “Pet Dogs.” Andrew looks at each dog and handler team as if he was tasked with turning them into an efficient substance detection team for real world use.  Andrew’s objective for each dog club he attends is to evaluate and assist in developing a specific plan for maximizing future Nosework success with the club’s dogs.

The foundation of Andrew’s system is that an ideal working relationship based around proper play and interaction should exist between dog and handler prior to the dog starting any Nosework activity.  Andrew follows the same process regardless of the dog, and while some canine pupils progress at a faster acceleration than others, Andrew never worries because he knows that all dogs comprehend this system.  Every dog is motivated for something and when his process is followed properly Andrew’s system produces results with all dogs.
Andrew will isolate each dogs preferred reward, regardless of what it may be, and use it to create motivation within the dog.  Then Andrew can strategically and incrementally build duration in the dog’s willingness to search for their desired reward and the amount of work they are required to do to obtain it.  With that accomplished, Andrew shows the dog that locating specific Target Odors produces their favorite Reward.
Andrew’s seminars are perfect for new clubs that want to get started on the right track and pursue Nosework activities in any organization.  Andrew will get your group going and give you a simplistic game plan geared toward success because Andrew works with such a varied dog and handler base that he can evaluate your dogs and create a specific plan catered just for your club, not a cookie cutter system that many dogs might not fall into.  When you bring out Andrew for a Nosework seminar, he is not repeating an organization’s training methods, he is giving dog and handler specific training advice based off of many years of broad experience.
Andrew will work a maximum of 12 dog and handler teams per day, however feels the ideal amount is 8-10.  The hosting club may invite as many spectators as they want, as long as they don’t interfere with the working participants and their dog’s ability to learn.