k9 nose work dvd ramsey


Topics covered in this Nosework Training DVD:

  • What’s Needed to Get Started in Nosework
  • Toy Reward vs. Food Reward Dogs
  • The Ideal Training Lab
  • The Handler/Trainer Relationship
  • First Steps of Training
  • Conditioning Your Dog to and Learning to use the Food Payment Delivery Device (FPDD)
  • Developing a Methodical Search Pattern
  • When to Introduce the Target Odor
  • How to Correctly Read Your Dog
  • Bracketing to Odor Source and Scent Cones
  • Beginning the Focused Response as Your Indication
  • The Importance of Reward Delivery Timing
  • How to deal with Residual Odor
  • When to Add Blind Searches
  • Dogs with Serious Environmental Problems
  • How Often to Give Help or Repeat the Search Command
  • How Long to Train and How to End Your Training Session
  • Training the Trainer